About Us

Building a team with BTFI

BTFI Buildingateam Team Building EventBuildingateam is what we do at BTFI. We are an arts-based Learning and Development Consultancy.

Sounds impressive, but what is it, we really do?

We offer intelligent Team Building, Leadership Training, Culture Change programmes, Facilitators and Motivational Speakers.

How do we do it?

When Building a team, we use the arts & performance, music, theatre and singing combined with NLP (neuro linguistic programming), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Spiral Dynamics and clinical hypnotherapy.

The above is the official bit. In everyday language, we use a sharp ear and eye and most importantly a great sense of humour to send you on the right path towards becoming an extraordinary leader, an extraordinary team and ultimately an extraordinary organisation. We will quiz you and prod you and challenge you and play devil’s advocate to break down any useless beliefs that may currently stop you from making that next step. We will nurture and support you and praise you for all useful beliefs you’ll bring with you.

Why do we do it that way?

From years of experience we know that performing and singing quickly pushes people’s buttons and unravels functional and dysfunctional patterns within minutes, if not seconds and allows us to very quickly get to the bottom of any blockers, which stop a good team from being an extraordinary one.

We don’t use the metaphor of performance and singing in isolation. Every learning point that derives from singing is translated back into the business. We agree specific, real and tangible Learning Outcomes. Only transferrable points are made, as we are not here to develop amazing singers, but amazing leaders and extraordinary teams.

Who do we do it with?!

Over the years we have worked with many organisations from both the Public and Private sector; NHS trusts, major retailers, law firms, global banking organisations, Childrens services and telecommunication companies. We have been invited to lead large scale Culture change initiatives and organisation wide Leadership development programmes across the globe. We have coached those that sit on the reception desk and those that sit on the board.

For a real insight about what we achieve, you might be best to speak to some of our loyal fan base. Please drop us a note and we can arrange for you to speak with the most appropriate client.

What do we achieve?

We facilitate rapid learning to create extraordinary leaders, teams and organisations. We provide habit and belief changing interventions, which result in a sustainable gear change. We call it intelligent Team Building  which is why we are called Buildingateam.

Contact BTFI or email us at info@btfi.co.uk if you would like to develop an extraordinary team with Buildingateam.