Building a team like heroes save the world!

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Some people really do go to remarkable lengths to make team building interesting and exciting! Truth be told, an away day to go paintballing or a night out on the tiles are great ways to build relationships between your team members and team leaders, but you have to wonder if the learning outcomes can always be remembered the morning after! But building a team is exciting in itself – did you know that building a team is much like saving the world?

Building a team: goals, obstacles and solutions

Building a team is as exciting as Die HardLet’s try a little exercise. Pick your favourite action movie. You know the kind, one with explosions and goodies and baddies. Mine would probably be Die Hard. Bruce Willis is a cop with a failed marriage, who goes to see his wife in her workplace. Suddenly, the building is under siege and Bruce has a single, defined goal – he needs to save as many people as possible and defeat the baddies.

But reaching goals is difficult. Over the next 90 minutes Bruce gets shot at, tricked, chased and forced to say some of the tackiest lines in movie history. He knows what he wants to achieve, but he also knows that there are obstacles in his way. So how does he overcome them? By understanding what he might face and formulating a clear action plan.

My favourite moment in that movie is when Bruce is seemingly tricked by his nemesis, and hands him his gun. Thankfully, it is not loaded – because Bruce has identified the obstacle that stands in front of his goal – namely, getting shot – anticipated it in advance, and found a way to overcome it. That is the essence of making your team better.

Building a team is as exciting as Die Hard

Okay, maybe not! But the structure that lies behind every major action movie applies to every team building scenario – identify your clearly-defined goals, anticipate the obstacles that you will need to overcome, and then find an effective solution to keep you moving forwards. With an experienced facilitator who can help with every stage of the process, building a team can be fairly exciting after all. You can hear me talking more about my views on Team Building on our Youtube channel

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10 Responses to “Building a team like heroes save the world!”

  1. Theresa says:

    If you are talking about a cohesive team, I think it would be more timely to liken the building of a team to the Avengers Initiative. After all, we are just two weeks away from the opening of one of the biggest blockbuster summer action films in movie history. This will be Marvel studio’s biggest ensemble of top tier action heroes and only the third time a movie studio has done this. So it’s an epic analogy.

  2. William says:

    I’d never heard of building a team in quite this way before. I know it takes a lot of work and commitment to make a team work but it can be done and if you stick with it you’ll have one of the best teams out there. Don’t forget that it isn’t a bad thing to have fun with your team members either, if they can’t have fun they aren’t going to be there long.

    • Very true William. Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously and lose sight of the fun and laughter that is needed. I am a big fan of being playful and fun – people learn more to! How do you have fun at work?

  3. Roy says:

    After reading your article I went home to try this relaxing while watching yourself in the mirror and I was amazed at how it looked, you never realize how much stress you hold in your body at any given moment. Through out the day your muscles just keep getting tighter and your face gets all scrunched up and your shoulders feel like they are around your ears. Great relaxation tips especially the breathing.

  4. Craig says:

    The world needs heroes. In fact, someone once said the reason evil exists in the world is so goodness can triumph over it. Likewise, the reason laziness, ignorance, dysfunctional attitudes and even addiction exist and continue to be maladies for all of us, is so we can find our own inner hero and find our way through each of our own journey. It is our purpose in life to find our way and learn how to live.

  5. Carla says:

    This is a very timely correlation between heroes and our desire and need to improve our efficiency, productivity and as individuals. I say it is timely because it reminds me of the block buster premiere I attended last night. I saw The Avengers, Marvel comics’ biggest action movie franchise thus far, and it is worth every penny! I won’t give any spoilers away, other than to say that the last fifteen minutes is pure chaos.


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