Building a team: Not everyone can sing the tune!

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Building a team: Who is it down to?

I am forever asked the question, ‘We are building a team, so how do you think we should best do it?’ Firstly, a brilliant question to ask. My response? Look at some of the brilliant teams that exist, and model how they do it. That sometimes feels like a cop out. Can it really be that straightforward? At BTFI, we have a framework and model, that works, for helping leaders build extraordinary teams…..

Did you watch the Oscars? I was asleep before it started and couldn’t bear to prop my eyes open with pins and stay up for it. However, it was clearly a spectacle where some of the greatest and most extraordinary talent was celebrated. Leading actors, actresses, supporting artists, cinematographers, composers, designers, directors….

Any award for best team dynamic?! Any statues for best teamwork? No! Of course not although many of the winners took a moment to recognise that it was a joint collaboration and not just down to an individual.

Building a team: Everyone matters

I was lucky to play numerous lead roles in West End and touring productions. Many of the audience get fixated with the ‘stars’ and it becomes all about them. Some nights I would get the biggest cheers from the audience, some not so. Although I needed to play a leadership role within that company, it was not about me.

Building a team: Everyone mattersBuilding a team within the performance environment takes something very special – it takes a recognition from every company member; actor, singer, musician, follow spot operator, stage manager, wig assisitant – that it is NOT about them, it is about everyone. It is about our unique ability to recognise and value the contribution that everyone makes. Without that, there is no team.

I was lucky enough to be invited to be a part of Phantom 25th at the RAH in 2011. 25 years of the most extraordinary team work, celebrated over 3 performances.

Building a team: ‘You matter…’

Yes, you….! That’s right, I’m pointing at you. If you are a leader, within a team, how do you demonstrate that everyone is valued and encourage them to be a contribution, if you are to build an extraordinary team?

It takes time. It takes trust. Building a team, that is extraordinary, does mean that not everyone can sing the tune, all of the time…

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