What is a Facilitator?

A facilitator is someone whose role it is to work within group processes within a business or organisational setting to make things easier, tidier and efficient.

This could include running board meetings, team away days, moderating an event to hold together the different parts of the day or to be the link between different groups.

A facilitator is always neutral and objective.

The Purpose of a facilitator:

      • To help you clearly define and achieve your objectives
      • Work with you in advance to design the agenda
      • Lead the entire meeting, allowing all attendees to fully participate in the process
      • Ensure the agenda is clearly understood by each meeting participant
      • Keep participants focused on the defined objective
      • Clarify statements and suggestions to avoid confusion
      • Ask probing questions to facilitate thinking
      • Control diversions and keep the process on track
      • Monitor the agenda to ensure that time is used efficiently
      • Lead attendees to supported, workable action plans

Why should I use a Facilitator?

Facilitator - BTFI | Building a TeamA facilitator is emotionally removed from your internal politics/agendas/issues and will chair a meeting or event professionally and successfully.

Using Richard Tyler will give you peace of mind that your event will run smoothly. He is experienced with big and small groups and will keep a group’s attention and an agenda on track.

Richard Tyler can moderate through a day event from start to finish holding the different parts of the day together. He can facilitate specific sessions of the day and he can also include his own speeches on a specific subject. Richard is also available as an extraordinary Business Speaker and Motivational Speaker.

Richard often facilitates away days for organisations and therefore frees up all delegates from having to chair the day and constantly keep track of time. He brings in a neutral, content free view and enables teams to follow the process of reaching the required outcomes. He elegantly steers back to the objective, if the meeting gets hijacked and he is not shy to ask probing questions to get to the bottom of issues. He is very creative in getting the best out of a team meeting and their delegates.

He can also run specific Learning & Development sessions using NLP models to accelerate learning points. If required, his facilitation can be extended to designing and running entire Team Events.

Contact BTFI or email Richard directly with your specific requirements to info@btfi.co.uk if you would like to develop an extraordinary team with Buildingateam.

Richard was incredibly articulate, passionate and a great facilitator. Great choice!