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Speeches must be relevant to prompt action

Motivational SpeakerWe don’t believe a motivational speaker needs to have overcome adversity to become an inspiring speaker. There are hundreds of speakers out there, who have battled arctic conditions on an expedition gone wrong, or lost close mates on a jungle trek whilst barely surviving themselves. It is amazing to have an extraordinary story to tell. We admire their stamina and willpower to survive. How similar is their experience to your day-to-day life though? Hearing touching stories moves most of us, but does it prompt us to action?

Motivational speeches to go BTFI!

Crisis management is easy. Managing mediocrity and turning it into the extraordinary is the challenge!

Most organisations and individuals don’t need help dealing with a crisis. When pushed, we seem to have amazing resources and creativity to come up with the most extraordinary solutions to avoid disaster and to get back on track.

How comes that these resources only seem to kick in when things are really extreme? How do we dust ourselves off, leave our comfort zone and challenge mediocrity on a daily basis?

We have a motto at BTFI, which is “Go BTFI!”. In a nutshell it means to go for something full heartedly, be 100% committed, push boundaries, leaving your comfort zone and thereby turning from good into amazing. Sometimes that involves breaking rules. Often it means challenging the norm. And it always means pushing yourself to the edge.

There is an amazing story told by Benjamin Zander, which explains where “GO BTFI” comes from and what it means in more detail. Read it here: What does BTFI mean?

Motivational Speaker gone Marmite

Richard Tyler is disappointed, not to have climbed any high mountains without an oxygen mask and he doesn’t have any amazing talents, which have afforded him a page in the Guinness Book of Records (yet?). We believe motivational speaking should not be about the speaker, but about your audience.

Richard is an ordinary guy with an extraordinary talent: A talent to push people’s buttons, to provoke thinking and to jolt people into action. He has a sixth sense, when it comes to reading and understanding people. He quickly unearths blockers in organisational cultures and finds appropriate tasks, challenges and compelling stories to elegantly demonstrate a point. His speeches are less Ra-Ra, but more aha and your delegates will leave intrigued and full of new insights.

He might be a bit marmite, as he tends to poke and prod, where it hurts most, as this is where the most significant shift in thinking, attitude and behaviour will happen. You won’t get light after dinner speaking from Richard, but be reassured that all is done and said with best intentions and to very specifically reaching a result focussed on agreed objectives.

I felt very energised by the end of the day, like anything was possible because the message was well presented, simple and memorable. Thanks Richard.


We believe, that your audience needs to leave the session compelled in order to make a step change. Organisational and individual habits need to be disrupted so that new habits can be installed. Be prepared for a dose of prodding, nudging and provoking! This is what to expect from a true Motivational Speaker – the BTFI way.

Richard is also an experienced Business Speaker and Facilitator.


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