Culture Change: How do you change an entire culture at once?

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Change can be a frightening thing for some people – and the idea of an entire culture change can be positively terrifying! But as much as we would all love to stay perpetually the same, sometimes change can be the difference between life and death. When the time comes for your business or organisation to adapt, culture change can help to keep you ahead of your competitors, on-target to achieve your goals, and incredibly productive. If you don’t believe me, just ask the possums!

Culture Change means adapting to the challenges that you face

Culture Change means adapting to the challenges that you faceWe all know and understand the concept of adapting to survive, and there are countless examples of how creatures in the animal world have evolved to suit their surroundings. From the webbed feet of a duck to the long neck of the giraffe, physical change is often born out of necessity.

But change isn’t necessarily about the physical things that we do or the daily routine associated with the job. Instead, changing an entire culture depends on a series of attitudinal and behavioural shifts, a new way of approaching and looking at the world in order to be more successful and work as a well-integrated team. The possums of the Australian outback understand this.

It was with great interest that I read a recent story about the way in which a possum deals with predators. After all, they are small animals that don’t stand much of a chance in direct confrontation. So they play dead – curl up on the floor and hope that the predator will go away. Nine times out of ten, it works! But do you think that they all decided to behave this way at once? Did a wave of culture change help possums to survive the cutthroat world around them?

Culture Change starts with individual changes

The reality is that, on one sunny day, a possum had a great idea and, when it worked so well, his tactic caught on. That is the essence of real, lasting changes in business – it happens once individuals in your team begin to see the results of new behaviour. From small, individual changes – the kind of changes that we can all cope with – overall culture change can become a natural, easy to achieve effect. You can hear me talking more about my views on Culture Change on our Youtube channel

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