Leader Training: Turning your passion into productivity

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If you are in a position where you are required to lead a team, good leader training can give you the skills you need to perform excellently. With people depending on you, it is your obligation – your duty – to be the best leader that you can be. A good leader can inspire his or her team, create a culture of productivity, of support, of true co-dependency on the unique skills of every single team member. But is a quick session of leader training all you need?

I often hear organisations talk about a spark. Many people believe that leaders are born diamonds – training can help to polish their skills, but the tendency to lead effectively is something you either have, or you don’t. The bad news is that the greatest leaders all have a certain spark. The good news is that it’s not the spark you’re thinking of.

Leader Training: Do you have the spark of leadership?

Leader Training: Do you have the spark of leadership?Think about the stereotype of a leader. He or she is naturally outgoing, even extrovert, strong-willed and single-minded enough to instruct, inform and inspire a whole team of people. But think about somebody who doesn’t have any of these traits by default. They take a quiet, considered approach to working with their team, and often find themselves taking the back seat during meetings or group discussions.

Do you respect one of these people more than the other? Which set of attributes make for a better leader? Years of stereotyping tell us that the instinctive, dominant leader has all the personality traits of somebody with the spark.

But the truth is that both of our imaginary characters are great leaders, respected by their teams and valued by their organisation. They both have a spark, but not one that’s defined by personality or demeanour. They both have a desire to be extraordinary leaders and that’s the spark that counts. Their leadership styles are irrelevant and the best leader training takes this into account.

Leader Training that challenges and changes people

Whether you are a born-leader or a circumstantial one, your desire to be the best is the only spark required. Leader training can nurture your ambition and passion to become a better leader, identifying the obstacles that stand in your way and helping you to overcome them in a style that suits you. Whatever methods you choose in leadership, Leader Training can help you maximise their impact on your team. You can hear me talking more about my views on Leadership on our Youtube channel

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