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Leadership: Why not be contented with ‘good’?

Here at buildingateam.co.uk, we are fascinated by extraordinary Leadership. We don’t believe that any Leader or organisation can remain contented with good! Well, of course you can…if you want to! Who are we to say what you should or shouldn’t do?! We have an opinion though, based on our experience and insights into some of the organisations that achieve ‘extraordinary’ things and those that don’t.

We believe that good is the nemesis to extraordinary! Think about it. All those places in your life as a leader and within your organisation that you would consider to be ‘good’ – why bother changing them? If they work, they work right? How many times do I hear, ‘but we have done it like this for a long time, why go through all the upheaval to change things?!’  This is an illusion. Of course, there will be many things you still do, that are worth keeping hold of and continuing with. There will be plenty of others where it is time to let go.

This takes conviction, commitment and bravery.

Let me tell you one thing though that is key to learning about Leadership. No extraordinary leader, team or organisation became so by being contented with good.

Leadership: You could go BTFI

Leadership: Why not be contented with ‘good’?I don’t want to witter on about the BTFI story, you can just take a look at it right here over at What does BTFI mean? Go and have a read now and then come back to me.

Ok, so now you know what BTFI stands for.

At Buildingateam BTFI we believe that the first way of playing is a basic; in-tune, in time, note perfect, thorough. The breakthrough comes when you are prepared to stretch yourself to play the second way; commitment, passion, energy, courage, inspiration.

Leadership: Call to action!

Blogs are generally lovely things. Quite interesting on the whole….and a complete waste of time if they don’t compel you to take action!!

So, as soon as you have finished this, go and read more about Leadership and Leadership Training on our buildingateam website. Once you have done that, decide on a small action to take that would be an example of playing the second way. That could be anything – the way you present a piece of information, how you contribute during a meeting, the way you choose to give some feedback…..go and decide now.

The essence of BTFI is that you take that action, however small it may seem, and do it fully! Giving all of you. Of course, the basics need to be in place; an outcome, good intention for the others involved, judgement free etc.

That’s it for now. Enjoy browsing our Building a team website. As always, let us know what you think and tell us how you, through your Leadership approach, have started to go BTFI! You can hear me talking more about my views on Leadership on our Youtube channel

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