Leadership: OCD or just extraordinary?

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Leadership: Making it shine!

Sometimes I feel like I need to be the facilitator of my own thoughts and take on a leadership role in my own head. Does that make any sense? I bet you, like me, know how it is when we get lost deep within our own minds and almost none of it seems to piece together or make any sense? Right?

Leadership: Making it shine!Last week, I was stood on a rather chilly train platform, at 7am heading for London. I was lost somewhere with my own musings about life. Suddenly I was aware of the taxi driver that had 10 minutes previously dropped me at the station. He was meticulously cleaning the windows of his taxi. Nothing odd about that I hear you say. You’re right. Except he was cleaning them in a way that showed he really cared. And I mean REALLY cared. He was attentive. Noticing every smear and blemish. He would look at a different angle and then polish again. Some of you ‘would be psycho-analysts’ will be saying ‘ahhhh, classic OCD’! Or perhaps, just classic attention to detail and to the stuff that does really matter……?

Leadership: It matters!

As Director of Performance and Possibility at BTFI, I am compelled to ‘clean the windows’ meticulously. We strongly believe that the small stuff does matter. Yes, you do have to get the big stuff right first. Clean windows on his taxi are no good if there is no fuel, bald tyres, broken doors, smelly old seats inside…..

It was drummed into me as a singer and performer – ‘the small stuff matters’ It will make the difference between being good and being extraordinary. I remember rehearsing for Les Miserables in London – as an ensemble we were being picked up on the way we needed to come off of a note. 20 minutes it took! 20 minutes for one note. Worth it? YES! After 20 minutes we all sat back in wonder at suddenly how different it sounded. It was, extraordinary. It’s that attention that leaves Les Miserables being a multi million pound global phenomenon – still running after 26 years!

Leadership: Polish…

Regardless of whether you are a leader with a team or a sole contributor in your organisation, where are you taking steps to be extraordinary? Go on, think about it now…….

Where do you polish the windows because it truly matters? Where do you take 20 minutes for your ensemble to come off of a note at the same time?

It seems so small, and hardly believable, that it can turn something from good to extraordinary. I have a view. Many in fact. There is little place for being just plain old good anymore. Our customers, internal and external, demand that we continue to give more, demand that we exceed expectations and demand that we aspire to be extraordinary. Taking a leadership role, means that polishing the windows is a part of your job.

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