Leadership: There is much to learn from S-Club 7!

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Leadership: Reach

I know, you can’t quite believe I am writing a blog on Leadership that references S-Club 7. Me neither! However, I do think there is something valuable in their music. Well, ok, maybe that is a rather sweeping statement. I do think there is something valuable on one of their songs. By the way, I am not on any royalities deal with them. Should you choose to go and buy their Greatest Hits CD, so be it.

My daughter has a love of music encompassing all genres. Sadly, S-Club 7 appears in her ipod playlist. One song in particular, Reach, seems to get a great deal of airtime.

The common theme in the song, hence the clue in it’s title, is Reach: Reach out, reach up…reach for the stars. It got me thinking about how many leaders I see that don’t actually reach out.

Making the connection

Leadership: There is much to learn from S-Club 7!I learnt a great deal as an actor and singer. I learnt many lessons that still sit with me today and are wrapped up in all my communication and relationships. One of them was about the need to Reach out. Theatre and performance is about creating a story of possibility. A chance to invite the audience to consider an alternative way of thinking, behaving and being. For this to translate from actor to audience, the actor has to reach out and connect with that person in some way: through voice, movement, dialogue, expression, passion and silence.

Doing this opens up our own truth as an actor and unlocks the truth that sits within the audience member. Bam! A connection is created.

Leaders face a similar challenge to actors – how do you encourage your teams to fully connect and engage with you? Now, more than ever before, organisations need to function as a whole unit. A place of collaboration and connection. Every team member being able to understand their own role in the story and the journey.

Discover your own Reach

Of course, you don’t have to like S-Club 7 to find your own Reach! You do however, need to find your own, authentic way of reaching out and connecting to those around you.

Go on, do it. Know what the story is you need to tell, know how your audience want to hear it and then flex: improvise, adapt and be agile. Consistently find ways to reach out. Listen. Act on what you hear, see and feel.

At Buildingateam we work hard to reach out to our clients as that connection builds sustainable relationships and helps them leverage the change they desire. We do this in many ways. Take a look at the BTFI story to see how we do it. You can also read some more about how we tailor Leadership programmes and Motivational talks to connect and drive change. You can hear me talking more about my views on Leadership on our Youtube channel

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