What is leadership?

LeadershipLeadership does not mean telling your team what to do. It is also not about being the much feared boss behind the mahogany desk behind closed doors. The traditional concept of a leader being the directing chief at the top of a hierarchy is nowadays a very incomplete appreciation of what true leadership is.

Successful leaders are enablers, who help their team and their organisation to perform and develop. Successful leadership is not about directing and instructing others. It is about leading by example, about pushing boundaries, challenging the norm, being innovative, creative and flexible.

Effective leadership does not necessarily require great technical or intellectual capacity. These attributes might help, but they are not pivotal.

Excellent leadership more importantly requires the right beliefs and attitudes and results in certain behaviours.

Can you learn it?

We often hear: “Oh, he/she is a born leader”. Is that possible?

Maybe some people are born with an aptitude for leadership. A lot of it will be learned throughout life in general. And the most powerful potion is your mind set: the belief, that you are a leader, born or not.

We believe that most people have the capacity to be a successful leader. It requires determination and hard work and most importantly the ability to take feedback and act upon it.

As a leader, your main priority is to get the job done, whatever the job is. Leaders make things happen by:

  • Knowing their objectives and having a plan how to achieve them
  • Building a team committed to achieving the objectives
  • Helping each team member to give their best efforts

As a leader you must know yourself. Know your own strengths and weaknesses, so that you can build the best team around you.

Recipe for successful leadership:

  • 10oz of humour
  • 8oz of creativity
  • 9oz of flexibility
  • 10oz of adaptability
  • 5oz of integrity
  • 3oz of a compelling presence
  • 7oz of clear communication skills
  • 1oz of wisdom
  • 2oz of objectivity
  • 1 big, clean mirror
  • 2 big ears

Stir well, keep fresh and freely add additional amounts of the above as and when needed.


One of the key lessons for me was to stop doing leadership and start being a leader and that to do that I need to let go of control of some things and coach others to deliver them. The journey has started! Thanks guys.


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