Leadership Training

Can you learn to be a successful leader?

Leadership TrainingThere are currently 86,641 books on Leadership for sale on Amazon. We don’t believe that publishers would have committed to that many books, if it can’t be learned in some way.

We do believe, that people who want to be a leader can develop leadership abilities. Leadership is not the exclusive preserve of the born leaders or the well-educated! Leadership is a matter of personal conviction and believing strongly in a cause or aim, whatever it is.

Successful leadership training is about doing, testing and actively getting involved. We don’t believe it can be achieved by reading books alone (even if you read all 86,641…)

How do you teach Leadership?

Sadly, we don’t “TEACH” it. We offer up all our knowledge, our years of experience and several tools, we have up our sleeves. However, at the end of the day it is up to you to learn, rather than us to teach. It is not a passive process for you. It is up to you to bring along your willingness, openness and thirst.

We use anecdotes, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Spiral Dynamics, coaching, a sharp ear and eye and most importantly a great sense of humour to send you on the right path towards becoming an extraordinary leader. We will quiz you and prod you and challenge you and play devil’s advocate to break down any useless beliefs that may currently stop you from making that next step. We will nurture and support you and praise you for all useful beliefs you’ll bring with you.

Our leadership training programmes are provocative and challenging and cover the following aspects:

  • Defining successful leadership
  • Gaining insight into own patterns, beliefs and “rules”
  • Empowering, motivating and inspiring your team
  • Leading by example
  • Coaching your team
  • Improving your own performance
  • Committing to actions

Leadership Training tools

We use the metaphor of singing and performance to develop extraordinary leaders quickly and successfully. But our programmes are not about singing. They are about achieving rapid learning and creating leaders. We could have used dancing, drumming, climbing ropes or cooking, maybe even knitting?

We just happen to know from years of experience, that singing quickly pushes people’s buttons and unravels functional and dysfunctional patterns within minutes, if not seconds and allows us to very quickly get to the bottom of any blockers, which stop a good leader from being an extraordinary one.

Performing arts have a very clear and easy to follow method of feedback and appraisal, which is just as valid in the business world. Applying these methods, combined with behavioural psychology models makes working with us interesting, challenging and successful.

I thought there would be a lot more boring Power Points and flipcharts. I wasn’t expecting this at all. A brilliant day!

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