Motivational Speaker: Jazz it up!

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Motivational Speaker: Not in the groove?

I have had the pleasure of seeing Motivational Speaker after Motivational Speaker strut their stuff. As with most things, some are extraordinary and others are not…yet. Who did you last observe being totally ‘in the groove’ with something? A team member, your manager, your partner, a TV chef, a singer, the window cleaner….? I find it fascinating to watch – so connected with the activity, so elegant and so committed. Have you watched anyone recently and noticed they were NOT in the groove? The experience is very different: clunky, dis-connected and stilted.

Know your stuff!

Motivational Speaker: Jazz it up!Being immersed in music all my life I have had the pleasure of singing with some astounding musicians. I mean World class! Maybe not famous, yet still utterly astounding.

Being a master of anything takes persistence and the determination to improve and progress. The basis of all the greatest musicians is their technical brilliance. They know their music and their instrument inside out. They learn the notes with precision. They rehearse tirelessly to get it just right.

This gives them the permission and courage to ‘Jazz it up’ – to improvise and work in the moment.  They will pull the music around and make each note their own. They will connect with the audience and respond appropriately remaining ever present. It is incredible to watch. Go and find an exceptional jazz band and see how they do it.

Get learning

If you aspire to be a master in your chosen area as a Motivational Speaker, then get learning! Know your notes, know your music and know your instrument!! Only once you have really got that, can you go on to improvise and ‘Jazz up’ your own sessions and talks. You are in control of that.

Don’t be a clumsy, clunky speaker. It is hard for an audience to engage with you. Be an elegant and connected one. Improvise and your audience will have a very personal and unique experience. Go on, go and Jazz it up!

At Buildingateam and BTFI we call it playing the second way. You can read about that here. To find out about how you can book Richard Tyler as a Motivational Speaker for your event, go and take a look at our website. There are also further blogs to read on being a motivational speaker over on our news page. You can hear me talking more about my views on Motivational Speaker on our Youtube channel


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Richard is an extraordinary Business Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Facilitator. Richard has successfully combined two areas of expertise: The art of performance and behavioural psychology. He originally trained at Guildford School of Acting in Musical Theatre and has performed in many lead roles, such as Raoul in Phantom of the Opera. Circle him on Google Plus!

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