Motivational Speeche’s: What should you look for in a speaker?

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Whether you are looking for a speaker to deliver motivational speeches at your staff conference, do an on-site visit or speak at a company event, finding the right person for the job can feel like a bit of a guessing game. There are many people out there offering their services, but being absolutely sure of what you are getting is difficult without hearing one of their motivational speeches for yourself.

In dealing with organisations of all sizes on a regular basis, I’ve picked up on the key things that you should be looking for when choosing a motivational speaker.

Motivational speeches that speak directly to your organisation

Motivational speeches that speak directly to your organisationThere’s something instantly attractive about those people who have led dramatic, action-packed lives where they themselves were called on to be highly motivated individuals. Some speeches relate stories akin to something from a Hollywood movie, from speakers who have been caught in the lions den (literally), stuck halfway up a mountain, or rescued their friend from certain death.

But have these people sat in an office like yours? Do these motivational action heroes understand what you do, how you do it, and the unique kind of motivation that your team requires?

After all, I’d like to think I’d be incredibly motivated if I was thrown into a near-death experience! It’s much harder to get motivated in the middle of a working week, or when you hard work doesn’t seem to bring the results you were hoping for.

The best motivational speeches come from speakers who understand day-to-day life and know how to inspire people to turn mediocrity into magnificence.

Motivational speeches that provoke lasting change

A speaker who understands the kind of position that your organisation is in will also be able to understand your desired learning outcomes, the things that you hope to achieve from their speech. Without clear objectives and strategies to meet them, a speech that is merely entertaining can quickly fade from the memory.

A great motivational speaker knows how to provoke your organisation into change not with outrageous tales that could never apply to your team, but with motivational speeches that connect with what your organisation does every day. You can hear me talking more about my views on Motivational Speaker on our Youtube channel

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