Team Building Ideas: The two approaches to bringing your team together

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Team Building Ideas: factual or fun?It’s possible your team isn’t the cohesive whole you’d like them to be. The right team building ideas and development can bring them together, strengthen their bonds and – most importantly – help them to become more motivated and more productive. Thankfully, there are lots of great team building ideas around to choose from!

From goal-led workshops to abseiling, from a motivational speaker to a group pub crawl, there are services available that can turn just about any activity into a way to grow your team spirit. But which activities are most effective? How can you be sure that your chosen team building activity will bring the results you need?

Team Building Ideas: factual or fun?

One approach to team building is taking time out of your business to focus on the skills most relevant to effective teamwork. Usually within an office setting or at an off-site meeting place, these focussed team building activities identify potential issues with communication, feedback, and the clarity of your organisational goals. With an expert speaker, these kinds of event can be useful, and are ideal for meeting your learning outcomes effectively. But sometimes they can lack a little bit of sparkle. At worst, they bore people into compliance!

At the other end of the spectrum, the infamous team recreation event leaves learning objectives behind in favour of fun. The theory is that simply by putting people together in an exciting, involving activity, bonding is something that will occur naturally. Although this is true, do you really want the biggest take-away from your team building to be that Alice from sales got incredibly drunk, or got shot in the face with a paintball?

Team Building ideas that are enjoyable and informative at once

If you want to improve the way in which your team works together, you need your specific learning objectives to be conveyed efficiently, clearly, and memorably. If you want real change to happen, you need to do something that makes people open up to the information you are sharing.

From performing arts Team Building to provocative, challenging motivational speeches, it is by looking for a solution that is both factual and fun that the simplest team building ideas can turn into experiences that are never forgotten. You can hear me talking more about my views on Team Building on our Youtube channel

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