Team Building

What is Team Building?

A team is a group of people working towards a common goal. ‘Team Building’ is the process of enabling that group of people to reach their goal.

In its simplest terms, the stages involved are:

      • To clarify the team goals
      • To identify those issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals
      • To address those issues, remove the inhibitors and enable the goals to be achieved

Team Building ActivitiesThe skill lies within recognising the right issues, and tackling them in an appropriate way.

Team Building is part of organisational development and not to be confused with team recreation, which is purely for recreational purposes. There are a lot of team building activities available and you should check thoroughly, if they fall in to the recreational bracket or if they focus on organisational development outcomes.

Both have their place. Team recreation may include activities such as sumo wrestling a colleague, bungee jumping, quad biking, karting or clay pigeon shooting. These events may be suitable for a seasonal celebration, especially if it involves families or partners. This kind of team building is seen mainly as an informal bonding activity. It won’t necessarily build team relationships or address any problems or challenges in the group.

Team building as part of organisational development is a more considered approach and includes clearly stated objectives that can be met. You need to take into account specific issues that need to be addressed and the personalities involved in the team. The resulting programme can (and must!) still be fun, but it will have clear references to your “normal” day job and learning outcomes will be referred back into the business context and not just stay a distant memory of your last jolly team building day!

Team Building with BTFI

At BTFI we offer team building that forms part of your organisational development. You’ll be pleased to know (or maybe disappointed?), that this rarely involves wearing sumo suits or being hit by paintballs…

We believe in providing habit and belief changing interventions, which result in a sustainable gear change of your team. We call it intelligent team building.

So, what do we actually do? First we talk to you to find out, what you want to achieve and then we go away, put our thinking caps on and design a programme, that will achieve your required learning outcomes.  We will very carefully consider the current team culture to find an approach that allows people to consider new possibilities for culture change and a better future.

Typical Team Building Events are 1 day events with optional prior introduction sessions and follow ups. We also offer shorter sessions to fit into your schedules. We always require some planning time ahead of the actual event to explore your required learning outcomes.

To find out, how we do it, click Team Events.


At BTFI we use the arts, performance, music and specifically singing for our team building programmes to get results quickly and successfully. But our programmes are not about singing. They are about achieving rapid learning and creating extraordinary teams. We could have used dancing, drumming, climbing ropes or cooking, maybe even knitting? Well, maybe not.

We just happen to know from years of experience, that singing quickly pushes people’s buttons and unravels functional and dysfunctional patterns within minutes, if not seconds and allows us to very quickly get to the bottom of any blockers, which stop a good team from being an extraordinary one.

We don’t use the metaphor of performance and singing in an isolated way. Every learning point that derives from singing is translated back into the business. Only transferrable points are made, as we are not here to develop amazing singers, but amazing leaders and extraordinary teams.

The workshop was excellent and thought provoking with a large dose of team building and yes, fun(!) thrown in for good measure.


Contact BTFI or email us at if you would like to build an extraordinary team with buildingateam, leadership and culture change events. Richard Tyler can also support your events as a Motivational Speaker and Facilitator.