Learning Outcomes

What are Learning Outcomes?

Learning Outcomes discovered during the team eventLearning outcomes are the specific intentions of a programme, defined in specific terms. They describe what a delegate should know, understand, or be able to do at the end of that programme. Learning Outcomes define the purpose of your programme.

You can only measure the success of an intervention, if tangible learning outcomes are clearly agreed upfront. So what do you want your team to be?

Bigger? Better? Braver? Successful? Surely. But successful is not a very tangible outcome, as it has probably a million interpretations. What would a successful team be doing differently? How would they be doing it differently compared to how they are doing their thing now?

It might be more useful to start thinking about:

      • What does the team need to stop doing?
      • What does the team need to start doing?
      • And what do they need to continue doing?

Learning Outcomes discovered during the team event

Once we have agreed specific, real and tangible learning outcomes, we ensure that during the course of the event those outcomes are discovered. At Buildingateam BTFI we take the same approach to learning outcomes whether we are running a team building, team communication, team motivation, leadership training or culture change events.

You would be surprised, how often the team are already aware of the needs to stop, start and continue some of the embedded behaviours. There just never seems to be the time to make those changes. After this event, there will be no excuses, as the team are encouraged to keep track of their own and others’ commitments.

We believe that habit change within a team takes times and therefore we work with you beyond the events to help embed the messages and ensure the results are sustainable. We usually offer follow-up sessions to keep on track and to embed the learning. You may also find, that some individuals benefit from a few personalised coaching sessions to excel and we will recommend them to you as additional specific learning outcomes where necessary.

Learning Outcomes are for everybody!

One thing to mention is that “Do as I say, not do as I do” rarely has a lasting impact on teams; so are you prepared yourself to roll up your sleeves and lead in the way you wish your team to be?

It might be that you would rather like a spa day for your staff to relax, which is nice. But we wouldn’t be the right people for you.

Or you might like a fun day out go-karting. Unfortunately we wouldn’t be the right supplier for you either.

If you would like an intelligent team building and development programme, which might be uncomfortable at times, but has a lasting impact and step change for your team, give us a try. We actually do have fun as well, whilst working hard and most delegates have a laugh whilst being stretched to their limit!

Probably the most unusual day of training I have done, but certainly the best. I took away some commitments to myself and have ‘buddied up’ with another attendee, we are going to meet up regularly and hold one another accountable for achievement.


Contact BTFI or email us at info@btfi.co.uk  to discuss your learning outcomes and start developing an extraordinary team with buildingateam BTFI!