Team Motivation

Why do we need it?

Team MotivationOnly a highly motivated team can become an extraordinary team. Motivating your team is rarely achieved by telling them, that they have development needs, as they will feel they are being done to! (Surprise, surprise…)

Motivating to us, does not mean to have a jolly day out and then get back to the drab day job. To have a motivated team the right framework and believes need to be in place. Only that way, on-going motivation can be sustained.

Teams lacking motivation will lack drive and will rarely reach their full potential or perform to the best of their ability. Motivation triggers an action toward a desired goal and gives purpose and direction to behaviour. In other words, motivation is an incentive that generates goal-directed behaviour and success.

Team Motivation with carrots or sticks?

One old fashioned approach may be for employers to force their employees to work hard. This might be through constant checks, comprehensive rules, micro-management or other time-consuming and ultimately unproductive methods.

Not many people, if any will be motivated by being pressurised, or by being treated like a child. These methods may work in the short-term, but they build up long-term resentment. Do you want employees who work grudgingly, and who have no loyalty to you and your company?

Motivation is a complex area. It’s different for each person. And you can only find out what truly motivates your team by asking them. Expecting that a pay rise will be what every employee needs is an assumption, which may miss the point. Not everybody is driven by money.

Some people simply want to feel appreciated and valued. Often it is recognition, empowerment and responsibility thus having tangible influence on the company’s direction that creates motivation.

So, how do you empower your team to take responsibility to shape the future of your organisation?

Work and business-based training often concentrates on processes, rules, theories, structure and logic. These are great for developing skills. However, to successfully enable people we need to focus developing their beliefs and attitudes, rather than just their skills.

At BTFI we work with teams on a level that shifts beliefs and attitudes and thus creates team motivation, confidence, initiative and creativity. We neither offer carrots, nor sticks.

Instead we use anecdotes, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), coaching, a sharp ear and eye and most importantly a great sense of humour to break through the blockers, which have hindered your team from excelling.

The checklist

  • You have to be motivated yourself to motivate others.
  • Team Motivation needs to be focused on clear, specific, tangible, realistic and achievable goals.
  • Noticing progress towards those goals gives a sense of achievement.
  • Everyone has different motivations; you just need to find what they are. (They are likely to be different from yours.)
  • A sense of belonging motivates and will lead to identification with the organisation.
  • Participation motivates. Team members feel more motivated when they feel their involvement is important and valued.
  • Ownership motivates. Give team members the freedom to own their bit in a project.
  • Challenges motivate. Team members often rise to the occasion.
  • Team Motivation needs recognition and reward.

My thanks to Richard and the team for making a day that began with trepidation, end with laughter and thought provoking material. My family however are not so impressed, as I keep on singing….


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