Team Communication: Dancing near the edge

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Team Communication: What happens when it’s clunky?

It’s a fact, when there is a lack of team communication and connection, making an impact and getting stuff done becomes much much harder.  The problem with having a background in music and performance is that I tend not to always just enjoy performances for what they are. I want to unpick them and understand what it is that works and what it is that would make it more extraordinary.

I watch and listen to music whenever and wherever I can. I’m fascinated by it. I’m passionate about it. Every so often, I end up watching a band or an orchestra that is simply clunky and disconnected. Maybe you have seen one to? It’s a painful experience. Probably for the players as much as for the audience! It’s robotic. Lacks feeling. Lacks imagination. Lacks commitment.

Sometimes, I observe teams in organisations doing the exact same things…

Celebrating talent

We have just returned from a week in Barcelona – a truly inspirational place. As we walked around the Gaudi museum and surrounding grounds, we came across this group of performers.

Team Communication: Dancing near the edge

How fascinating they were. If I could have bottled their team communication attitude and behaviours I would have done. Really, they were quite extraordinary. They were brave: stretching the notes, sounds and passion to the very edge. They were immersed in it: everyone one of them loving what they were creating and loving that the audience were seduced. They were committed: each of them giving it their all regardless of whether they were leading the vocals or sat at the back playing the drums. And they celebrated: they celebrated each others talent. There was a phenomenal energy and electricity created by these guys. Truly extraordinary.

Make it happen for your team.

What does you inner voice say to you right now? What reasons does it feed you as to why your team ‘can’t do it that way because…..’ Why?

I wish it were rocket science. Sadly it’s not. That means that any team can create a dynamic just like this regardless of whether you are in Barcelona making music or in Basingstoke making numbers stack up.

You can start right now by deciding how you could contribute differently right? After all, it’s the one bit you have total control over. What actions could you take today that would start to unlock the passion, connection and extraordinary dynamic in your team?

Please talk to us about how we can run Team Events and Team Motivation programmes for you and your organisation. Team Communication requires everyone to dance that bit closer to the edge. Go on; get your dancing shoes on now. You can hear me talking more about my views on Team Communication on our Youtube channel

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