Team Events: Building the Buzz!

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Team Events: Getting it right

If you have run Team Events before or are considering running one in the future, I would imagine a great deal of time, energy and cost will be ploughed into it. To get an event just right, so as it meets all of the agreed outcomes, takes focus and commitment. You put a lot in and therefore expect to get a great deal out. Sounds reasonable!

There will be oodles of different types of events available to you and your team: duck herding, treasure hunts, speed knitting, bogey spotting, high speed head shaving. Really, the list is endless. But how do you ensure that they create the right buzz for you?


I was lucky enough to be appearing in Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London when it celebrated its 10th anniversary. I was even luckier to be invited back last year to be a part of the ‘Dream cast’ for the Phantom 25th celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall. It was a fully staged production that we put together in 2 weeks!! Incredible talent, vision and persistence made it possible.

Team Events: Building the Buzz!The technical rehearsal in theatre is the moment when the company plods through the show to make sure everything fits together at the right time, in the right way and safely! The Phantom 25th tech was long. There was a great deal to do with a tight time frame. 2 days later we would have 5000 people watching us live and it would beamed globally for 1000’s more to watch. Yikes!

However, the buzz backstage was extraordinary. People were hungry to drink it all in. They wanted to be there, as they wanted to play a part in an extraordinary piece of theatrical history. A performance arena creates this atmosphere. It whips up enthusiasm, as every company member knows that without it, the production can fall flat. The anticipation of creating something new instils a commitment in people that is exhilarating.

Getting your buzz?

Here at Buildingateam BTFI, we believe that all events should have that same buzz. They have to generate a similar level of commitment so that when you go back into your organisation following the event, you can all replicate that same wallop of enthusiasm and energy.

We design and run extraordinary events for leaders that want to have extraordinary people in an extraordinary organisation. We use singing, music and the arts to unlock the possibility that rests with everyone. If you are happy having Team Events that only keep you being ‘good’, perhaps consider Speed Knitting or Duck Herding.

To learn more about how we create events that are reflect our BTFI culture, you can take a look at our Team Events page and our Team Motivation page over at Buildingateam. You can hear me talking more about my views on Team Events on our Youtube channel

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Richard is an extraordinary Business Speaker, Motivational Speaker and Facilitator. Richard has successfully combined two areas of expertise: The art of performance and behavioural psychology. He originally trained at Guildford School of Acting in Musical Theatre and has performed in many lead roles, such as Raoul in Phantom of the Opera. Circle him on Google Plus!

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