Team Events: The power of curiosity

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Team Events: Being ‘done to’

Team Events: The power of curiosityYou may have been on a team event in the past where your experience was similar to this: a date is put in your diary, you are told you need to be there, you have a vague understanding of why, you turn up and ‘it’ happens to you. You are an observer rather than a participant. I have heard terrible tales in organisations that this kind of thing still happens.

I am no big sporting fan but I, like many of you, will be starting to get curious and intrigued as to what the Olympics 2012 holds in store. We know bits about it and that the opening ceremony is being staged by film director Danny Boyle, BUT we don’t know everything. They want us to be curious enough to remain interested – not telling us everything and not keeping us completely in the dark.

Weaving the magic

At Buildingateam and BTFI we work tirelessly with our clients to help them begin weaving the magic and setting the curiosity early. Expectation counts for a great deal and it is easy to underestimate the power of it. I want people to be coming along to our events as a participant and NOT an observer. I want them to actively engage with it thereby increasing their opportunity to learn most and derive maximum benefit. If people arrive in a state of curiosity, fascination and intrigue then they are present and ready to both give and receive.

Encouraging people to get to that stage is often the hardest bit. Of course, they may still arrive with some scepticism and a sense of ‘I would rather be doing my 500 emails’ but the fact that they are curious means that the door is open to learning. What a fabulous state to be in. Don’t you agree?

Finding your own way

So, how do you do it? As a leader and as someone that is responsible for engaging people in the story, you need to start weaving early. My top 3 tips are:

  1. Match where people are. If they are excited, match their excitement and nudge it forward even more. If they are moaning and complaining, match them and seek to understand what that is about. You can then begin to drip feed reasons to engage with the event.
  2. Spark their curiosity. On our events, we use music and performance as a vehicle for change. We will send out clips of music, video, images and carefully craft emails that will match them and lead them forward. Think about how you can do this for your team.
  3. Ask for input. Engage with them about their own wants and needs and ask them how the event could address those. Encourage them to set their own outcomes for what they want from the event. They may be sceptical, so an outcome for them to arrive being open and curious would be a good start.

Having a group of people arrive at a team event feeling ready to engage is priceless. It is worth starting early so when the event begins, you and the team can squeeze as much as possible from it.

Find out more about how at Buildingateam and BTFI we run Team Events and help you to develop Team Motivation in your organisation. Pop over to our Youtube channel and hear me talking more about Team Events.

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