X Factor: What happens when skills and beliefs don’t match

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Do you sometimes just feel not quite good enough? A bit of an imposter living in your own body? I know it can be frustrating; you have a mass of skill and talent yet you still have that niggling voice inside your head that derails you, right? Or alternatively, you manage to convince yourself, and others, that you can do something and yet the capability to back it up and make it happen just isn’t in place. You’re certainly not alone. There are shed loads of leaders within SME’s and corporates that trip themselves up. Even entrepreneurs get caught in the trap.

Let me give you an example…

You may or not watch the X factor, either way, you’ll soon get to see and hear more of Honey G, as she is through to live shows. She explodes with confidence, self-belief and the notion that the world has been waiting for her for a very long time. Honey believes that she will knock the long line of rap artists off their pedestals. Just one problem, she’s rubbish. Whilst her self-belief blossoms, her musical and performance skills are virtually non-existent. This happen a fair bit on the X factor – Explosive beliefs and missing the vital skill to pull it off.

The flip side comes in the guise of James Wilson; a smooth and engaging rock voice, a storyteller and a musician that oozes warmth. Sadly, you won’t catch him over the next 12 weeks as he didn’t get through. Why? Because his lack of belief and confidence gets in the way. Whilst his vulnerability creates connection, his lack of inner confidence trips him up. Living inside his head must be tough – it feels like it is will be full of negative projection and unhelpful noise.

Every time that there is a disconnect between skills and belief, the choice to fully show up and nail your outcome is removed. You’ll know this for yourself; you feel confident and believe that you can handle what’s ahead and you know that you have the right skills to get going. This carves out the path for you to continue learning, continue evolving and deliver on your outcomes. Too many people are in the Honey G and James Wilson camp and wonder why they don’t make shit happen. I’ll tell you why, you’re working on the wrong stuff. If you don’t put attention on the right piece to develop, you will keep circling the ‘stuck loop’.

Here is the Performance Map that we use at BTFI to help people understand where they are stuck and where they need to focus attention in order to shift.



Take a live challenge that you have in your life, right now. What is really stopping you from stepping up and playing out full? Is it a Skills and Think (Belief) disconnect? Is it because the outcome doesn’t fit with who you are (Identity)? You don’t know the right behaviours (Action)? The environment (Space) that you are playing in is just not conducive to delivering that outcome?


Time is precious. Spend it well. Get focussed on the right piece to develop.



Honey has many healing properties and benefits to our well-being. There are numerous varieties to choose from; clover, orange blossom and the godfather of all honey, Manuka. Sadly though, there is one type of honey that I am really don’t like; Honey G!!! If, like me, you enjoy honey, stick with Manuka. It works wonders.

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